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Opening Doors with Bluetooth Mesh and Raspberry PI

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Bluetooth Mesh in conjunction with new technology introduced by the Raspberry PI device has opened doors to opportunities never before seen in the IT industry. The applications for this technology are virtually limitless.

In partnership with a top client, we were able to successfully deliver a working prototype to a satisfied customer. Using new advances in Bluetooth Mesh, and combining technologies like cloud development, mobile, and advanced UI/UX methods, an entirely new customer experience has been created.

The benefits of such a prototype will be immediate and drastically change the landscape for this important Excelion Partners client. Enhancements in critical business areas such as payments, predictive analytics, and machine maintenance are just the beginning. With a long term partnership now solidified, Excelion Partners can now maximize what this prototype only begins to illustrate.

Excelion Partners doesn’t just talk about the future of technology. We actually deliver it to our clients, who then pass real value and world-class innovation to their customers.

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