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Cloud-Based Solutions for Machine Monitoring

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Are you operating on legacy systems without access to valuable data remotely? A secure, cloud-based solution could be yours before the next quarterly earnings report.

Within a completion window of less than six months, the Excelion Partners engineering team embarked on a cloud migration project with an enterprise-sized industrial machine manufacturer. At the time, their end-users were installing software to computers on-site to obtain business-specific operational data. Operations managers had zero portability, making the management and service maintenance of multiple locations an arduous and time-consuming process. The need for a cloud-solution from their equipment manufacturer (OEM) was not a matter of convenience, but immediate necessity, to get into the digital age.

The Excelion Partners engineering team, in partnership with their client, selected Amazon Web Services (AWS): a proven and fully-functional, flexible technology infrastructure platform. They created the solution to pull the data from those machines into the cloud, which could be accessed by managers through a user-friendly interface anytime and anywhere. As a result, the OEM was viewed as a responsive, progressive partner to their valued operators.


  1. Quick implementation
  2. Reliable and proven platform
  3. Reduced hardware spend
  4. Decease in engineering support hours serving a legacy system


  1. Multi-facility reporting
  2. Real-time information on machine performance
  3. Pro-active identification of current disruptors

End-User Benefits

  1. Access from multiple devices (desktop, tablet, phone)
  2. Improved machine up-time
  3. Quicker scheduling of maintenance

Want to know more? Contact Excelion’s cloud solutions team to solve your needs of today while giving you the flexibility to quickly meet your needs of tomorrow.

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