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Fuel Innovation Needs: Go Through a New Door

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While you are getting morning coffee and checking email, our developers are using the fire escape to enter the innovation lab at Excelion. Their logic: Why use a traditional door when there’s another way to reach the desired outcome?

Are you bound to traditions? Does your team struggle with approaching business innovation from a new perspective?

You know this already: If you desire organic growth, you need innovation. Not just a little, but a relentless pursuit of it.

As consultants will tell you, there are a host of innovation principles and practices that must be adopted to grow the business. Leaders need to communicate its value, but also show there are systems and processes (that work). A roadmap is absolutely essential to actively leading and managing the innovation lifecycle.

At Excelion, we care and feed business innovation using a 7P approach, created by our developers. It works for our team and clients, because it allows us to engage a framework, working the front-end of innovation, while opening doors to give everyone the flexibility to consider every possible idea.

Innovation at its core is the result of solving an important problem. That’s why we start with Purposeful Ideation sessions, which begins with classifying the problem. After that, we generate all kinds of possibilities and throw them up on a white board. At this point, we do not have value judgements. Our team brings their histories of problem solving skills with them to the table along with a passion to explore all possible avenues.

Next, we engage in what Thomas Edison did so well in his lifetime: extensive experimentation. Steps two through four in our 7P process brings out possible options, probable solutions and proving stages before we present a Proof of Concept.

The innovation comes to life during the prototype stage, where clients and customers can interact with a physical creation. This valuable feedback will enhance what we already know about customer’s needs from journey mapping exercises.

At Excelion, we are engaged with clients at all different phases of their innovation lifecycle. It’s exciting to dig into different classes of problems, requiring both the exploratory and experimentation techniques our developers get really excited about.

We invite you open a different door and go down a new path. Contact us to discuss your innovation needs and learn more about 7P Innovation at work.

7P Innovation at Work

  1. Purposeful Ideation sessions
  2. Possible Options
  3. Probable Solutions
  4. Proving out
  5. Proof of Concept (POC)
  6. Prototype
  7. Production Planning

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