Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect Your Devices. Provide Business Value

Imagine Your World with IoT

iotThe technologies developed in the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) space are helping businesses reinvent themselves and compete on a whole new level.

With so many technologies available today, Excelion’s IoT design team will help you reduce risk and add value by taking a holistic view of your organization’s need.

We have the capabilities to provide you with a comprehensive IoT design solution that allows you to disrupt traditional industry boundaries and create new opportunities.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

smart manufacturingManufacturers are adding wireless connectivity to their products or production line to improve the process. With integrated wireless connectivity, manufacturers are better able to get information from the factory floor to their cloud systems to quickly uncover and address any issues long before the product leaves the factory.

Excelion Partners can help you transform your industrial ‘things’ into smart, cloud-connected devices. We offer a complete IIoT platform that scales effortlessly and is easy to maintain. Our solution allows you to monitor, control and analyze the results from a dashboard that can be customized to your needs.


The Benefits of Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices

predictiveThe benefits of predictive maintenance, monitoring, and data analysis provides  justification to migrate to cloud connectivity.

Facility managers and end users gain an unfiltered view of each cloud-connected asset within their operations, which helps identify improvement opportunities. Operators and service technicians can drill down into each device for specific status information for the present, recent past and historical data logs. They can use data logging to archive and distribute data for deep analytics.

In addition, a new view emerges in the business model. Devices are viewed as an operating expense, not a capital one, when using this ‘products as a service’ model.

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