Innovation Solutions Process

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At Excelion Partners, we believe innovation solutions are a result of implementing a process. We use all or parts of the process for each client depending on where they are in their solution development lifecycle.

Innovation Process

Purposeful Ideation Sessions

First, as part of the Concept of Innovation, Excelion experts will host a series of Purposeful Ideation Sessions with the outcome of these sessions being a full understanding of the client’s problem statement, and detailed understanding of requirements.

Possible Options

Next, Excelion will deliver possible options to the client to continue the concept phase of the project. Excelion understands that working with the client to determine the best course of action now, ensures success later.

Probable Solutions

Once the options are reviewed, Excelion can then deliver a catered list of probable solutions to the client. This is where Excelion really differentiates from the competition. These are not just designs, but working solutions that can help the client succeed.

Proof of Concept (POC)

As the Creation phase begins, Excelion Partners will deliver a POC that brings the solution to life for the client. This phase showcases exactly what Excelion can do, and leaves the competition behind. We deliver where they can’t.


Excelion understands the importance of enabling clients with the ability to capitalize on new technology. This is where the prototype comes into play. Excelion’s top-notch development team will deliver a prototype that answers the original problem statement, illustrates how the application of the technology will work, and pass any test cases provided by the client to ensure the technology performs as expected.


The final step of the 6P Process brings the future into the present. With our experience, Excelion Partners can help our clients prepare for a full production roll-out including a detailed go-to- market strategy. This includes developing, scaling, testing, roll-out, and after market support. Because at Excelion, we believe in providing a total solution to our clients and that the work is not finished until every aspect of a solution has been addressed.

Excelion Partners: Innovation Lives Here.